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Novice Platinum Package

Novice Platinum Package
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30% off - Crazy Sales!
From 05/31 ~ 06/03 at 12:00 PDT
Everything you need to enjoy your first experience on Seal Online!
If you want to level up quickly this package have what you need!
Words of Blessing Ruby 150% (30 days)     
150% Additional Experience.
Do you wish for a faster level-up?
If so, try this item!
During a monster hunt,
Obtain 150% of additional experience.
Effect only applicable to experience gained
by directly attacking the monster.
Word of Blessing (Gold or Bronze) cannot be used simultaneously,
and will be applied towards your last use.
Once used, item will start to expire regardless of your login time.

Expires in 30 days
Pouch of Blessing Gold 100% (30 days)       
100% Chance of Additional Drop Opportunity
Do you wish to get more items at a faster pace?
If so, try this item!
You have 100% chance of obtaining an additional item
for every monster you slay.

Expires in 30 days
Fishing Exp (4 Hours) - x2
Enjoy fishing and get exp too!!
Item Function
Earn exp when you fish up items through normal fishing...
Can be used after lvl 50.
1 use cash item
Blessing of Gaius (7 days)  - x1
Auto-feeds your HP and AP potions.
Developed under Gaius' command, this ingenious device is a feeder
that allows you to automaticallydrink your HP and AP recovery potions, saving you from fainting.
Item function:
With this automatic HP/AP potion feeder, don't worry about cool-off time slowing you down.
Simply open your quick slot window, and drag the potion into the automatic potion slot.
Pre-set your HP and AP gauge bar and let Gaius' Blessing take care of the rest.
Only HP, AP potions sold by merchants can be applied. Use by clicking on cash inventory.
This slot will automatically delete itself once the item expires.
Once used, item will start to expire regardless of your login time.
Expires in: 7 Days
Adorable Rex Costume - 7 Days
(One-piece Costume)
The most Adorable Rex Style you can buy!!
Attack Speed 10
Move Speed 13
The timer will run after being moved
to the Cash Inventory even when logged out.
Expires in 7 Days

Additionally, get:

1 Golden Chest Key
1 Rascal Rabbit Balloon give a try on our mini-games!
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