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Craydeneh's card (Shoes)

Craydeneh's card (Shoes)
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Craydeneh's card (Shoes) is used to convert your Ranael Shoes Manual into a Blessed Ranael Shoes Manual.

-Take it to Smith Craydeneh on Elim together with a Ranael Shoes Manual to receive a Blessed Ranael Shoes Manual in exchange.
-Using a Blessed Ranael Shoes Manual will increase the chances of success to 25% when used for crafting Ranael Shoes and reduces the cegel and material needed by the half.
-If failure, the manual, all ingredients and Cegel paid will be consumed.
-If success, the manual, all ingredients and Cegel paid will be consumed and a random Ranael's Shoes will be created with a refine value between +7 ~+9
 - To use it, drag the item from the Cash Bank directly to your character Inventory
 - Refine Values are set randomly.
 - Classes are set randomly
 - Only used with Ranael Shoes Manual, for other Ranael set pieces, use the correspondent card.
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