Item mall
Consists of providing players with unique prizes
according to their RPs Spent each month.
The more RPs you spend in The Item Mall, the higher tier is for you to unlock greater prizes.

To resume: Spend → Redeem your Tier → Receive your prizes.
Plus, Level 5 grants you the chance to claim other Level too!
(From 1 to 4).

Server Selection :

court title rp spent royal court rewards

Level 1 :

  • [Untradeable] Hyper R.R. 300% EXP (1 d) x2
  • Blessed Ruby x1
  • Hip Hop Costume Box- 30 Days
  • [Event] Albereo Refining Potion x2
  • Water drop Diamond 8M
court title rp spent royal court rewards

Level 2 : Knight

  • Wonderland Hatter Costume Box - (30 Day)
  • Blessed Ruby x1
  • Water drop Diamond 16M
  • Remote Shop - Convenient Vendor Summon x10
  • Albereo's Toolbox x1
  • Rascal Rabbit Balloon x10
court title rp spent royal court rewards

Level 3 : Earl

  • Albereo's Special Toolbox 2 (untradeable) x1
  • Blessed Ruby x2
  • Blessed Diamond x1
  • [Untradeable] Blessing of Gaius (30 Days) x1
  • Luxury Special Power-up Potion x2
  • Luxury Special Magic Fiber Potion x2
  • Luxury Special Defense D x2
court title rp spent royal court rewards

Level 4 : Viceroy

  • Water Drop Diamond 10M x2
  • Albereo's Special Toolbox 2 (untradeable) x2
  • Black Cat Costume Box- 30 Days
  • Blessed Diamond x2
  • Blessed Pink Diamond x1
  • Pet Appraiser Mistake x1
  • Rare Revival Letter x1
court title rp spent royal court rewards

Level 5 : Regent

  • Vulcanus Special Toolbox x1
  • Blessed Sapphire x1
  • Water Drop Diamond (10 M) x5
  • Stone Option Fixed Ticket x5
  • Mjolnir Box [15 Days] x1
  • 2nd Month Regent : Albereo's Special Toolbox 2 (untradeable) x1
  • 3rd Month Regent : Blessed Ruby x2, Blessed Diamond x1
  • 4th Month Regent : Blessed Pink Diamond x2, Master's Spring x7,Golden Chest Key x5
  • 5th Month Regent : Transcendence Ruby x1, Item Recovery Ticket x1
  • 6th+ Month Regent : Golden Chest Key x10, Albereo's Special Toolbox 2 (untradeable) x2, Hyper R.R. 300% Drop (30 D) x 1
    Transcendence Diamond x1, [Royal Court] Imperial Court Attire box (15 Days)
    [Royal Court] Splash Wings Guarder Box (30 Days), Water Drop Diamond (10 M) x3


  • *The Royal Court resets on the First of every month at 00:00 PT.
  • * Make sure to claim your prizes in time before the month ends. Otherwise, the Regent Bonus will reset by default.
  • *Seal Blessing purchases and Bonus RPs are not considered for the Royal Court Program.