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Item mall

The Royal Court program is a rewards program designed to provide players with extra perks for continual Item Mall use! Each month, your cumulative RP charged RP spent in the Item Mall will unlock different reward tiers! You can choose to redeem your Royal status at any reward, but can only choose a reward one time each month. The system will reset on the first of every month at 12:00am PST.

Server Selection :

In-game items will be sent to the selected character's mailbox

Court Title RP Spent Royal Court Rewards Charged RPs :   Login

Level 1 :

1,500 RP [Untradeable] Hyper Rascal Rabbit's Gold Word
Blessed Ruby x1
Plump Elephant Costume Box- 30 Days x1
[Event] Albereo Refining Potion x2
Water drop Diamond 8M

Level 2 : Knight

2,000 RP Valkyrie Armor Costume Box- 30 Days
Blessed Ruby x1
Water drop Diamond 16M
Remote Shop - Convenient Vendor Summon x10
Albereo's Toolbox x1
Rascal Rabbit Balloon x10

Level 3 : Earl

3,000 RP Albereo's Special Toolbox 2 (untradeable) x1
Blessed Ruby x2
Blessed Diamond x1
[Untradeable] Blessing of Gaius (30 Days) x1
Luxury Special Power-up Potion x2
Luxury Special Magic Fiber Potion x2
Luxury Special Defense D x2

Level 4 : Viceroy

5,000 RP Water Drop Diamond 20M
Albereo's Special Toolbox 2 (untradeable) x2
Cursed Lucifer Seal [30 Days] x1
Blessed Diamond x2
Blessed Pink Diamond x1
Pet Appraiser Mistake x1
Rare Revival Letter x1

Level 5 : Regent

10,000 RP Vulcanus Special Toolbox x1
Blessed Sapphire x1
Water Drop Diamond 50M
Stone Option Fixed Ticket x5
Mjolnir Box [15 Days] x1
Consecutive REGENT Bonus 2nd Month Regent : Albereo's Special Toolbox 2 (untradeable)
3rd Month Regent : Blessed Ruby x2 ,Blessed Diamond x1
4th Month Regent : Blessed Pink Diamond x2 ,Master's Spring x7,Golden Chest x5
5th Month Regent : Transcendence Ruby x1, Item Recovery Ticket x1
6th+ Month Regent : Golden Chest x20 ,Albereo's Special Toolbox 2 (untradeable) x2,Hyper Rascal Rabbit's Gold Lucky Pouch (30 days) x1,Transcendence Diamond x1,Shiltz King Costume Box (30 days) x1,Royal Court Guarder Box [30 Days] x1,Water Drop Diamond 30M
"Only one level from 1 to 4 can be chosen per month. Level 5 can be claimed regardless of the other levels once 10,000 RPs have been spent."