Shopping Guide

In-Game Item Mall

Step 1 Step 2

Open the Item Mall by pressing Alt + B.

Select the item you want and click "Buy." Then, input your password and click "Purchase."

Step 3 Step 4

Open your item back (Alt+I) to find your item.

Drag your item to the "Cash Item" window, then click it to use it.

Website Item Mall

Step 1 Step 2

Speak to the Bank Teller in any main city to set up a bank.

Make sure to log out of Seal Online while making your purchase.

Step 3 Step 4

Go to the "Item Mall" page and search for the item you want and select it.

Select your server, input your password, and click "BUY."

Step 5 Step 6

Log back into Seal Online and open your bank to retrieve your item.

If the item was a Cash Item, retrieve the item from the item bank (Alt + I)