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Skill Option Reset Scroll

Skill Option Reset Scroll
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Skill Option Reset Scroll
Don't like your equipment skill option?
You can use this scroll on equipment to reset skill option, which enables to re-appraise skill option of the item.

How to use: 

To use it, find NPC Loro on Elim, insert the equipment you would like to re-appraise and press "reset".
After that, you will be abble to identify the skill option of your equipment again.
- Once used the item will be consumed (1 use).
- Can be used with normal and special equipment.
- Skill option identification is available only for armors and weapons.
- Extra skill points earned after appraisal won't have effect if the skill already have the maximum skilll points (EP or SP) applied.
- Once purchased, item will be delivered to the account cash bank.
- Skill points applied to the equipment once it is appraised are random.
- Equipment with class restriction will automatically give skill points to the class first or second job.
- Equipment that can be used by all classes can give skill points randomly for 1st job or any second job of the selected class.
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