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Old Knight's Certificate

Old Knight's Certificate
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Allows the player to enter monster survivor mode without any restrictions. This special scroll can bypass any restrictions on the amount of waiting time.

This Old Knight's Certificate cash item will be consumed and removed from the cash inventory as soon as the user enters the dungeon through an NPC.

Item Function:
Speak to the NPC that gives access to the desired dungeon or game challenge. Once you complete your interaction with an NPC and enter the dungeon, this particular item will be consumed and removed.

Move this item to the cash inventory section. Find the NPC that allows users to enter the dungeon. Interact and speak with the NPC and enter the dungeon. A confirmation notification will appear to consume your scroll.

Once you consume the Old Knight's Certificate, you cannot use it anymore. You must purchase a new Old Knight's Certificate again if you would like to re-enter the dungeon.

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