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[Damage] Beginner Package

[Damage] Beginner Package
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Handy package that will boost your character while leveling up.
It contains:
Revive x10 - When you use this mysterious stone, it will take you back to the last location where you died.
Inventory Expansion.1 (24 Slots) - Expands your inventory by 24 slots
Shiltz Bank Membership Card - Allows you to use the bank wherever you are. Have 100 uses.
Words of Blessing (Ruby-15 days) - 150% additional experience for 15 days
Beginner's Elegant Flower Carriage Ring (15 Days) - Mount that can be used with any pet. Increase movement speed by 300.
Lovely Rascal Rabbit Balloon (15 days) - Back accessory that can be equiped at any level.
Damage 10  Magic Power 10
Defense 20  Attack Speed 5
Critical Rate 5  Damage increase 4%
Damage decrease 4%  Moving Speed 8
4 pieces cash set:
[Physical]Forest Elf Pin Costume Box - (15 Day)
[Physical]Forest Elf Top Costume Box - (15 Day)
[Physical]Forest Elf Bottom Costume Box - (15 Day)
[Physical]Forest Elf Shoes Costume Box - (15 Day)
Set Bonus: +30 Damage, +40 Defense, +10 Critical, +15 Attack Speed, HP +1%, AP +1%
Once purchased, all items are deposit on account cash bank.
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