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Blessing of Gaius - (30 Days)

Blessing of Gaius - (30 Days)
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Auto-feeds your HP and AP potions.

Developed under Gaius' command, this ingenious device is a feeder
that allows you to automaticallydrink your HP and AP recovery potions, saving you from fainting.

Item function:
With this automatic HP/AP potion feeder, don't worry about cool-off time slowing you down.

Simply open your quick slot window, and drag the potion into the automatic potion slot.
Pre-set your HP and AP gauge bar and let Gaius' Blessing take care of the rest.

Only HP, AP potions sold by merchants can be applied. Use by clicking on cash inventory.
This slot will automatically delete itself once the item expires.
Once used, item will start to expire regardless of your login time.

Expires in: 30 Days

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