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Item mall

Craydeneh's Superior Craftsman Hammer

Craydeneh's Superior Craftsman Hammer
  • Category
  • Function
  • Function
Craydeneh's Superior Craftsman Hammer
  It's one of the materials to exchange for a Superior necklace
It's a special Craydeneh's Hammer used on craftmanship
to make a Superior necklace.
*How to use
 You need to have Perfect Garnet Necklace .XG+12
 and this item in your inventory.
 And then let's talk with Craydeneh
 who is next to Luna in Unison Plaza!
 When you want to move the item from Cash Bank,
 you have to move manually to your inventory
 to be activated.
 Also, only Craydeneh from Unison Plaza
 can exchange this item.
 expires with 1 use
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