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Item mall

Rascal Rabbit Polymorph Potion

Rascal Rabbit Polymorph Potion
  • Category
  • Function
  • Function

 2 Potions total

Trasform to a cute Rascal Rabbit and earn EXPs as well.

Item Function:
HP +200                 AP +150"
Damage +7           Magic +7"
Defense +9            Evasion +7"
Accuracy +14         Critical +7"
Movement Speed +7"

Multiple Polymorph cannot be used simultaneously.
While transforming, remove existing polymorph and try again.
Characters appearance reverts back at death," but when character revives, polymorph form is resumed.
Unmorph potion (disable your polymorph) can be purchased from NPC Napoly with Cegel in Elim.
You cannot use skills and transportation cash conversion items while using the polymorph potion.
Once used, item will start to expire regardless of your login time.

Fame level 4221 or higher
Expires in 60 min
Times used: 2

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