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[Magic] Strawberry Hairpins - (30 days)

[Magic] Strawberry Hairpins - (30 days)
  • Category
  • Costume&Hair
  • Function
  • 30days
    100 RPs

Allows the player to change their Hairstyle to the cute and pretty Strawberry Hairpin for 30 Days.

Styling your hairstyle to this cute Strawberry Hairpin  will grab the attention of all players who surround you. Your stylish and lustful appearance will attract everyone in Shiltz.

Item Function:
Replaces your hairstyle to the cute Strawberry Hairpin for 30 Days.

This item will be worn immediately upon clicking on the Strawberry Hairpin Hairstyle. It will transform your hairstyle in to the new style of an Strawberry Hairpin.

FEMALE Characters only can equip this hairstyle.

This is an item that will replace your current hairstyle.
This will only last for 30 days. Your hairstyle will change back to the original style if you remove it or if it expires.

Category Costume&Hair
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