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Pet Feeding Bag - (15 days)

Pet Feeding Bag - (15 days)
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  • Pet
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An automatic feeder slot for your pet.

Get it for your pet that’s constantly hungry!
With this cool feeding bag, your pet will thank you even more.
Constant growing makes them hungry.
They will shoot up when they’re well-fed.

When you use this item, a bowl icon and an empty slot will appear on the bottom right, simply drag the selected item into the empty slot! Click on the bowl icon again if you wish to change the item.

Click on the Cash Inventory.
Even if you changed your pet, you can still use this item within its usage time.
When re-logging in to Seal Online or moving to a different zone
through the warps, you’ll need to reset the item installed on your pet bag slot.
Once used, item will start to expire regardless of your login time.

Expires in 15 days
Times used 1

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