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[Magic] Retro Style Hair - (30 days)

[Magic] Retro Style Hair - (30 days)
  • Category
  • Costume&Hair
  • Function
  • 30days
    100 RPs

Allows all male characters to change his hair to black with bangs. Your lushy hair will look like a korean drama star.
Wearing this item will also increase your magic damage by +20.

Item Function:
This is for males only.

Magic + 20

Full Set Bonus
(Magic+30,Defense+40,Critical+10,Attack Speed+15)

Move this item to the cash inventory section. Click on this item to equip it to your head. This will change your character's hairstyle.

Once used, item will start to expire regardless of your login time. Only male characters can equip this hairstyle.

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