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Buff Package

Buff Package
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Want to kill the monsters of Shiltz a bit quicker and be a stronger hero? These potions will surely increase your powers to overcome the evil bales that lurk amongst Shiltz.

10 Potions of Pita 2000
Increases max hp by 2000

10 Potions of Power-up Potion
Potion that increases base strength by 5%

10 Potions of Magic Fiber
Potion that increases base magic power by 5%

3 Potions of Speed Aid
Increases attack speed by 15

10 Potions of Defense D Potion
Potion that increases base defense by 5%

10 Potions of Dex-up Potion
Potion that increases base dex by 5%

10 Potions of Eva-up Potion
Potion that increases base evade by 5%

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