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Sexy Navy Costume (Gray) - (365 Days)

Sexy Navy Costume (Gray) - (365 Days)
  • Category
  • Costume&Hair
  • Function
  • 365days
    800 RPs

Allows the player to wear the seaship and Sexy Navy Costume for 365 Days.

Wearing this Sexy Navy Costume will represent the deep seas of the sea gods of Shiltz.
The wings of glory will make you look different and unique!

Item Function:
Sexy Navy Costume(Black) -365 days
*This costume has no options or stats.

This item will be worn immediately upon clicking on the Sexy Navy Costume(Black) - 365 days . Your character will equip this new costume and the timer will begin for 365 days.

This is an item that will replace your overall appearance. This will cover your equipment.
This will last for 365 days. Your costume will disappear once it expires. You may also choose to hide it if you wish.

Category Costume&Hair
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