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Item mall

275 Lv Ultra Jumping Ticket (Untradeable)

275 Lv Ultra Jumping Ticket (Untradeable)
  • Category
  • Consumables
  • Function
Note: You need at least level 261 to use this Ultra Ticket.

By acquiring this item and use it in a lower level character, you will be able to get:

Reach to 275 Level
450 000 Fame points
Einhorn's Mythril Normal Armor set (HTBS)
Guardian of Dimensions Pendant. 0 Lv
Guardian of Dimensions Earrings. 0 Lv
Guardian of Dimensions Bracelet. 0 Lv
Guardian of Dimensions Ring. 0
Lv Hyper 6th Pet gift chest
Three Kingdoms weapon Enchange Ticket
Category Consumables
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