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Item mall

Bank Expansion Silver Ticket - 15 Days

Bank Expansion Silver Ticket - 15 Days
  • Category
  • Convenience
  • Function
  • 15days
    350 RPs
Allows the player to expand the bank by adding additional slots. Using this item will increase the amount of items you can put into the bank.
Utilize this item when your bank is extremely full. You can have more space when you want to save those special materials.
Item Function:
Increase bank slot for 15 days.
You must use this item after you input your bank password to unlock it. Once you use it, you must insert this item into an empty slot.
Move this item into an empty slot. During the time you use this bank expansion, it cannot be removed. Once the duration ends the items in these close cannot be accessed. That means that if your bank expansion item expires, you will need to purchase another one if you want to continue to use or obtain your stored items in this location.
Once you move this bank expansion into the cash inventory, the duration will automatically begin. The item duration will begin regardless of whether you have put it into your bank slot or not.
If this item expires and you still have items remaining, you cannot access this until you purchase it again.
Category Convenience
Current Balance
Charged Balance
Ecash Balance
Bonus Balance
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RPs Balance
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