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Dex-Up Potion - Dexterity Booster

Dex-Up Potion - Dexterity Booster
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10% additional Dexterity.

Dex-Up Potion, with great taste  and even greater function! Dex-Up Potion.
Are you having trouble landing a successful hit?
One Dex-Up Potion will take care of your worries!

Highly recommended for those that want to raise their Accuracy. Try it!
Guaranteed to help your chances of landing a successful attack!

Item Function:
10% boost in Dexterity

Once applied, the effect will last for 30 minutes.
The effect will be applied to your basic Dexterity.
Stats applied will be based on your application of this item.
Despite item refinement or raised status points, same ability points will be applied.
This item will raise only your stats and will not affect your EXP.

Once used, item will start to expire regardless of your login time

Expires in: 30 minutes
Times used: 10

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