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Item mall

Piya's Power Up Potion

Piya's Power Up Potion
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  • Function

10% boost to your basic Attack Rate stats

Are you looking to get stronger?
5th official drink for Piyas!
Power-Up Potion for those crucial moments!

You get higher bonus points the higher level you are.
Enjoy a whole new level of leveling up with
super power monster hunt.

Item Function:
10% boost in Attack Rate

Can be used by levels  1 ~ 80
Once applied, the effect will last for 30 minutes.
The effect will be applied to your basic attack power,
Stats applied will be based on your application of this item.
Despite item refinement or raised status points, same ability points will be applied.
This item will raise only your stats and will not affect your EXP.

Once used, item will start to expire regardless of your login time.

Expires in: 30 minutes
Times used: 5

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