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Get Tokens
Play by clicking [Start] Claim prize in your in-game mall inventory
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Tokens will be deducted as soon as you click [Start].  Once game is in progress, do not click the back button nor close the webpage to avoid losing your token.
Fly Kitsune
Bank Expansion Gold Ticket - 30 days
Marco's Mistake
Albereo's Toolbox
Albereo's Refining Potion
Party Silver Word of Blessing(3 Hour)
Santa's Winter Night Boots.XG
Santa's Winter Night Bottoms.XG
Santa's Winter Night Hat.XG
Santa's Winter Night Top.XG
B.P Plat Word of Blessing (1 Hour)
Ruby Word of Blessing (5Hr)
Snow Flake.XG
Blessing of Gaius - (7 Days)
Snowboard Costume (7 Days)
Abyssal Rune Stone
Luxury Special Defense D
Luxury Special Dex-Up
Luxury Special Eva-Up
Luxury Special Magic Fiber
Luxury Special Power-up
B.P. Blessing of Gaius (1 Hour)