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Play by clicking [Start] Claim prize in your in-game mall inventory
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Tokens will be deducted as soon as you click [Start].  Once game is in progress, do not click the back button nor close the webpage to avoid losing your token.
Fly Green Wings
Marco's Mistake
Abyssal Rune Stone
Kyle's Wing.XG
Blessing of Gaius - (7 Days)
Gold Pouch of Blessing (15 Days)
Super Racing Costume Box - (15 Day)
Rider Costume Box - (15 Day)
Butt Biting Puppy.XG
Wings of Fairy.XG
Ruby Word of Blessing (5Hr)
Bronze Pouch of Blessing - (3 Hr)
[Damage]Red Dryad Conversion
Tree Golem Polymorph Potion
Bank Expansion Normal Ticket - 7 Days
Rabbit Ears.XG
Horn of Incubus.XG
Gray Hair Dye
Green Hair Dye
Black Dog Collar.XG
Rascal Rabbit Doll Hat.XG
Magical Obsidian Orb