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Before you play!

Everyone's a Winner in Grabbit!

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Get Tokens
Play by clicking [Start] Claim prize in your in-game mall inventory
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Tokens will be deducted as soon as you click [Start].  Once game is in progress, do not click the back button nor close the webpage to avoid losing your token.
Female Dryad
2nd Class Skill Reset Scroll
Gold Word of Blessing - (15 Days)
Pink Wings of Mariel.XG
B.P. Skill Reset
Chirp Chirp Candy.XG
James Jin Style Costume Box - (15 Day)
Wonderland Hatter Costume Box - (15 Day)
Baby Cheer Necklace.XG
Diabolus Claws.XG
Doctor/Nurse Costume Box - (15 Day)
Bronze Word of Blessing - (3 days)
Tree Golem Polymorph Potion
Blessing of Gaius - (7 Days)
Albereo's Refining Potion
Pink Ribbon.XG
Pink Rabbit Ears.XG
Pink Hair Dye
Love Potion - (30 min)
Pig Nose.XG
Sun Love Swimsuit Costume Box (7days)
Pink Piya's Egg