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After buying permanent weapons, armor, or consumables, be sure to log out of Seal Online briefly in order for your items to be sent correctly.


Before you play!

Everyone's a Winner in Grabbit!

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Play by clicking [Start] Claim prize in your in-game mall inventory
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Tokens will be deducted as soon as you click [Start].  Once game is in progress, do not click the back button nor close the webpage to avoid losing your token.
Mandra Seed
Blessing of Gaius - (30 Days)
Money Bag(1000k)
wings of birds wife.XG
Green Wings of Mariel.XG
Black Cat Costume Box - (15 Day)
Walcure's Armor Costume Box - (15 Day)
Black Dragon's Guardian Glove.XG
Lavish Tails.XG
Pet Appraiser's Mistake
Time Warp - Black
Ruby Word of Blessing (1Hr)
Piya's Magic Power Booster
Piya's Power Up Potion
[Physical] Dragon's Pin Costume Box - (7 Day)
Smarty's Glasses.XG
Angel Link.XG
Fishing Exp (4 Hours)
Pink Hair Dye
Pirate's Eyepatch.XG
[Magic] Dragon's Pin Costume Box - (7 Day)
Pink Piya's Egg